issue 6


Here we have scoured the globe to find you some of the most interesting artwork to see and sounds to hear… You may wonder what the brightly coloured illustration on the cover is all about. Well it’s the handy work of the very talented, recent Brighton University illustration graduate, Sophie Bryant-Funnell and it’s also the EP artwork of two of Brighton’s currently most talked about bands, P for Persia and Speak Galactic. Good friends, these guys share an EP that came out at the end of August. Destined for great things (so much so that three record labels jumped at the chance to represent them!), we decided that they needed more than just a wee mention. And what better way to get to know them than to get them to interview each other?

We talk to Tiff McGinnis, AKA Grande Dame; an artist, musician, animator and quite possibly the most intriguing woman I have ever met. Raised in Georgia, lived it up in London and now based in Hastings in her spectacular 1800s seafront hotel apartment, this lady has some wonderful stories to tell and artwork to show. We went to meet Ms Dame and found out what makes her tick.

The second instalment of our I Love Analogue series brings us the beautiful work of Li Hui, the Chinese photographer that has graced so many magazine pages already, but has always remained somewhat mysterious about her work. Not anymore, we wanted to get to the nitty gritty. And that we did.

The Truth About Brighton Street Art gets deep and dirty this issue as we talk to Daryl Bennett (AKA Sinna One), one of the biggest names in spray paint art in Brighton. We finally get to know just what the deal is with all the murals and green boxes we see painted all over town and discuss who really draws the line between art and criminal damage. We also talk about what might be Brighton’s most challenging and exciting piece to date.

Once again we have our lovely graduate feature. Class of 2013 is a great collection of some of the most exciting work to have come out of the art courses at Brighton University this year. Think of this as your own personal private view – one that you can look at again and again.

We brought Hatti down from London for her first visit to Brighton. We all felt very sick after a day of candy floss, chips and ice cream. A nice documentation of a girl’s first experience of our lovely seaside and a great reminder to us of just how important it is to get the hell out of the office and enjoy our wonderful city, that we are all too lucky to live in!

We get to see our next three Pretty Litter Artists in the second installment of our 2013 PL Creative Comp. We invited artists and illustrators from all over the world to submit print-ready work to us in answer to a live brief. This issue’s brief was ‘All I want for Christmas’.

Much love, the Pretty Litter team.

x x x

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