Cinecity 2013


INTRO > It’s that time of year when film lovers plan their days and nights around Cinecity. The Brighton Film Festival is currently celebrating its 11th year with previews, Q&As, short and feature length films, live scores and archived footage throughout November. 

Words > Rosie Davis

This year’s team has prepared two weeks of world cinema as well as commending the work of Czech surrealist Jan Švankmajer. Brighton University are currently holding a free exhibition ‘The Inner Life of Objects’, which is already on show at the Sallis Benney theatre and gallery, marking the 50th anniversary of his first film. Explore Švankmajer’s work on various nights during the festival where you can catch short films, documentaries and talks about the man himself and his art.


220px-Nebraska_PosterThe opening night kicked off last night at the Duke of York’s Picturehouse with ‘Nebraska’, directed by Alexander Payne (About Schmidt, Sideways and The Descendants). Woody (Bruce Dern) is a retired, cantankerous man that is convinced that he has won a large of sum of money in a marketing prize. His son and him drive to a certain American state; yes you’ve guessed it, Nebraska to collect the winnings. But their journey isn’t just on the road as Woody returns to his hometown, confronting his estranged family and former business partner, finding himself on a personal journey.

Day two of the festival has already brewed up a lot of excitement with its Q&A with author Chuck Palahnuik, the creator of Fight Club, followed by a screening of the film. Unfortunately everyone was so excited they ran out and bought all of the tickets, so it’s sold out. It is elements such as the Q&As that make Cinecity the success that it is, it scratches with force and passion beneath the visuals and takes us to the root of the creation process and aesthetics. Exploring Cinecity Post-Film Discussions will highlight key themes within the films ‘The Rocket’, ‘Faust’ and ‘Leviathan’ and place them in cultural, social and historical contexts. Brighton University lecturer Monika Lind will lead the discussions at the Komedia Studio Bar following the screenings.


Cinecity have thrown in a musical twist to the festival as Brighton three-piece Esben and The Witch will be performing a live score for the Argentinian Sci-fi film ‘La Antena’. This will be an event that will more-than-likely never pop-up again, so book now and experience their version of the film’s original orchestral score.


This festival isn’t just about the established; it is also a platform for Brighton filmmakers to reveal their talents. The Brighton Film School Screening, is a free event and will be a chance for you to see what happens behind the film school’s doors! There is also the Brighton Screenings. These are a must see as directors and crews of all abilities and experience have submitted short films for the festival, and the one main criteria that was requested, was that there was a Brighton connection; whether the film was shot in Brighton or the crew live in Brighton. These are split into four categories: Artists’ Cinema & Experimental, Short Documentaries, Short Dramas 1 and Short Dramas 2. This is an opportunity to learn about filmmakers on your doorstep as well as those that have a style that you appreciate and want to know more about.

Cinecity starts Thursday 14th November and you can catch the range of events at Duke of York’s Picturehouse, Dukes at Komedia and The Basement . For more information visit and feed your creative urges with this triumphant film festival!

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