Become A Pretty Litter Artist Comp

Lisa LanSuzie BootonLiam Hogan‘Become A Pretty Litter Artist’ is a rare and exciting opportunity for nine international rising artists, illustrators and designers to join us as one of our fresh and talented new team of in-house artists, who will help us create exciting new merchandise and art prints for our brand.

As a creative arts publication run by creative people, we want to be able to do more than just make a magazine (although we do, love making this magazine!). We want to show our support for the tremendously gifted up-and-coming artists out there by offering them a free and exciting platform for showcasing their talent. This competition will allow the winners to gain brilliant exposure through us, as we’ll be doing our utmost to promote them. It will give us some incredibly exciting artists to work with too – in the magazine and on other projects as well. Plus, 50% of any profits made through any sales of products with our artist’s work on will go straight to them. The other 50 will go towards printing the magazine and other cool projects.

From each of our three competitions this year we will have picked three artists to jump aboard the Pretty Litter ship, to set sail with us to new adventurous shores. Leg one and two are now complete. The winners we picked were chosen because their work and style was really original and charming – traits we’re looking for in artists that join our team. If you’d like to be represented by us, don’t miss the opportunity to enter the last part of the comp!

Meet the previous winners…
Suzie Booton // Lisa Lan // Liam Hogan // Adam Moore // Jamie Eke // Tim Hanley

Details of the final comp just below.



PART 3   ‘Be My Valentine…’

Right in time for Valentines weekend is our final leg of the Pretty Litter International Creative Comp.

We are lucky to be able to work with the excellent and exciting Brighton Tattoo Convention and their Valentine Art Show (also hosted by Nine Tattoos in Brighton) and in February this year we shall be there alongside Nine, hosting an exhibition of winners AND top entries of the competition.

The winners work will be printed onto canvas – along with works by our existing six artists and the remaining top entries will be printed on high quality art paper. All the works at the exhibition will be auctioned over valentines weekend (up until the end of February) through Nine Tattoos, with 100% of monies raised going to Cancer Research UK.


We would like you produce just one, very special, very unique piece about your interpretation of the word or feeling of ‘Love’. This needs to showcase your skills and vivid imagination as much as humanly possible. As an artist, illustrator or graphic designer, we want you to be as creative and experimental as you can be, but bare in mind that this competition and exhibition is being hosted at The Brighton Tattoo Convention, so your piece will need to appeal to the audience there. The convention brings in thousands of people each year so this is a fantastic opportunity to gain excellent exposure at one of Brighton’s biggest and most diverse creative events. This is also your last opportunity to enter this competition and become part of a great creative team, here at Pretty Litter Magazine.

Please note. This is a digital artwork competition and we cannot accept responsibility for lost or stolen original works sent to us.

Check out the image gallery below for some inspiration, from some of the top tattoo artists who will be at the convention. These are some of the donated pieces of art for the show.

Artwork Requirements:

CMYK, 300 dpi, 50 x 50 cm with 3mm of bleed around the edge. AI files are fine (remember to outline any type). High res J-pegs, flattened Tiffs and PSD files are also good. If you’re a fine artist and need help with how to produce files for print – you can email us at and we’ll assist you in any way that we can.


Midnight Sunday 9th February.


•  This competition is free to enter and is open globally. Anyone can enter as long as you are a serious artist, designer or illustrator, looking to gain real recognition and representation. You must be 18 and over to enter, with a fairly comprehensive portfolio of work.
•  The entered designs must be produced exclusively for this competition – we will not be able to accept artwork that has been previously used for any other projects – commercially or otherwise, however, they can be ‘variations’ of previous work. This is artwork for our new product line and of course we want to have exciting new stuff that nobody else has ever seen before.
•  The winning designs will be for exclusive use by us and must not be entered into any other creative competitions, or be used/sold commercially or otherwise. We are recruiting you to become a member of our creative team, and the work you do for us, is for use by us and only us.
•  The deadline for entries is Monday 9th February. Please send your final designs to: along with some blurb about yourself and links to your online portfolio. Small attachments of work examples are also okay.

Good Luck!
Pretty Litter Mag

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