The Gallery

The Gallery

We offer artists and creatives spaces in the magazine in which to showcase their work and skills at below cost price. This is ideal for graduates, freelancers or anyone else wanting to promote what they do.

Why do we do this? Well firstly because we know that promoting yourself can be very expensive, and creative people often do what they do for the love of it rather than the money, so we want to make it really affordable for them. They also make great pages in the magazine so we’re happy to meet people half way on the cost.

Who can be in The Gallery? Anyone who is in the creative industry, or who is simply an artist, such as photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, fine artists, fashion designers, filmmakers, makers and creators of all kinds…

Every issue we partner with a very high profile creative event so that our artists and advertisers get maximum exposure to the right people, and as well as to the usual 100+ select pick up points around the city, our magazine goes home to a very targeted audience usually in a goody bag. Each issue we print 5,000 copies of the mag and here are the events we’re partnering with in 2013:

May issue > Brighton Fashion Week > 1500 copies went on the seats and in the goody bags of some extremely important people in the fashion and art world.

September issue > The Brighton Art Fair > 2000 copies will go in the goody bags throughout this three day art event. This year marks the 10th anniversary of The Brighton Art Fair so expect something extra special.

December/January issue > TBC

Deadline for the December/January issue issue is Saturday 30th November, but we have very limited spaces, so please book as in advance as possible to avoid disappointment. Please email to apply with some examples of your work and we will get back to you with confirmation of booking.

Prices for our gallery spaces (please click to enlarge):


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