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INTRO > Metronomy’s third and latest offering, ‘The English Riviera’ features new addition Anna Prior; hoofing live rhythms up where the drum machine left off and Gbenga Adelekan on bass duties. His soul funk riffs wine and dine your ears so much so that even your mother tells you you’re punching above your weight just to be seen in the same room as them.

WORDS > William Furdas   DATE > 19/04/011   VENUE > Digital

The two now join part of the original band line up Joseph Mount & Oscar Cash, who are now moving on from their wonky pop white saw tooth synthesizers that clutched at Kraftwerk’s Tax Return record, and have traveled via super sonic jet to the island of 80’s David Bowie. This isn’t to say the band have forgotten their bouncy roots. Efforts like The Bay are not just for their latest direction, which has them firing off the delicate tinge of a delicious retro French Hammond organ electronic pop, as if it chauffeurs itself in circles of 80’s European vacations in a VW hatchback only to eventually be chewed up the dodgy rental car tape deck on that long summers ride back from the beach. For me it has to be their live shows, or the extent of their live show props. Previously, before their enormous success, the band would provide their own pound shop roller disco light show by placing battery powered self touch click porch lights that were attached to their chests. This set of visuals turned their performances into a Morse code representation of that one episode of Noel Edmund’s House party where Noel lost it and spent forty minutes weeping in the gunk tank. Of course, now the money’s come in the term manual is frowned upon and automated sequenced lights have replaced the old, which now play out like the official Jean Michel Jarre smart phone app where you have to lead Jean down a dark tunnel whilst playing several intense rounds of peek-a-boo with a flash light.

Judging by their touring schedule, expect Metronomy to be hitting most festivals this year and making your summer that much better.

You can catch Metronomy next in the UK on June 12th in Manchester at the Parklife Festival and then on June 24th at Glastonbury Festival.

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