WORDS AND PHOTOS > Lyssa Rutherford

NIGHT > Trailer Trash!
VENUE > Komedia
PRICE > £8-10

Trailer Trash went all out for the Sci-Fi loving Brightonites last Saturday as the likes of Barbarella and Leeloo took to the silks and gave electric above-your-head performances, wowing the crowds who gasped in wonderment at the incredible aerial theatrics.

Princess Leia gave old Brittas a run for her money with her dance to ‘I’m a slave 4 U’ as she teased us all with her cheeky smile and real floor-length hair amongst a lightsaber battle. We had snippets of our favourite cult classics on a cinema screen, free popcorn for the peckish, prizes for best-dressed and various aliens and other creepy crawlies wondering around to aesthetically please (or terrify).

Anyone and everyone.

All of it was highlight-worthy, but it was the 50ft woman smashing up the stage that really got everybody going. The boisterous flame-haired vixen playfully tortured miniature people as she ripped off their heads with her teeth and spat them at the unsuspecting audience, who didn’t know whether to laugh or run. The stunning voice of Diva Plavalaguna from 5th Element that accompanied Leeloo’s sky dance was also a nice touch and a well-appreciated extra.

September. The theme will be David Lynch, so get your Twin Peaks out and get started on your costume to bag the prize!

This night is a refreshingly intelligent, funny, sexy, dramatic and well executed response to our film genre fantasies. A thoroughly well-crafted show, these are real women who know exactly how it’s done. Trailer Trash is well worth your hard earned tenna, and you’d be an absolute fool to miss out.


The 50 ft Woman


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