Become A Pretty Litter Artist: 2013 Creative Comp Part One

Here are the winners and new PL creative team members from the first comp of the year! If you’d like to support our newly appointed artists please buy a set of their beautiful limited edition post cards – where they get 50% of any profit made from the sales of them. The other 50% goes straight back into the Pretty Litter pot and goes towards things like printing our magazine and other creative projects for our readers. And if you’d like to enter the second part of the comp, check it out here.

Liam Hogan // 39 // Vancouver, Canada
Working as a freelance illustrator, Liam is also the Creative Director of State Creative Group and has established his own collective, The Acid Sweat Lodge, that he co-founed in 2007. Liam has also successfully exhibited his work in North America and Europe.
liamhoganwork.comLiam HoganLiam HoganLiam Hogan

Suzie Booton // 23 // Bristol, UK // Illustration Graduate
Graduating from Hereford College of Arts, Suzie now lives in Bristol where she stretches her creative skills working with fine-liners and art collective, Little Boxes. Using a technique that incorporates organic lines and geometric shapes, Suzie takes inspiration from artists such as Julia Pott and James Jean.
SUZI-3 Suzi Booton Suzi Booton

Lisa Lan // 20 // London, UK // Student, Animation

Currently in London studying art and animation, Lisa draws influences from psychedelia, tattoo culture and endless cups of tea. Using graphite and ink to create her emotive illustrations, Lisa revels at the opportunity of late night creative bursts.
Lisa Lan Lisa Lan Lisa Lan

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