The Colour Run, Brighton

The Colour Run Brighton
Words > Lyssa Rutherford
Photos > Elliott Caranci-Finch

A couple of weekends ago our Assistant Editor, Elliott, ran his little legs off at The Colour Run in Brighton, a 5k running event which saw thousands come together to raise cash for the cancer charity, Stand Up To Cancer, and have lots of fun in the process, making their way around the multi-coloured route.

Presented by Dulux, The Colour Run isn’t timed as it’s not a race and is all about having fun taking part. The participants are covered from head to toe at each kilometer and they get to enjoy a colourful music festival at the end of it. The Brighton leg of the tour was the final for 2013 and so far the event only takes place in Belfast, Manchester, London and Brighton. We expect this to spread to several more cities next time so keep an eye out on The Colour Run’s website below if you’d like to get involved.

Here’s what Elliott had to say about the event:

“Being part of The Color Run in Brighton was an experience that will stay with me for a very long time. I have to admit, initially I felt quite cheesy running under a sign that read ‘The happiest 5k on the planet’, however it was evident that running through numerous people ready to smash you in the face with bright pink, purple and green powder paint was a truly hilarious experience. With people of all ages, sizes and heights the sense of community was really prevalent, even with sun hidden away for the day. With each check point being a different colour and resembling a super technicolour version of ‘Saving Private Ryan’, myself and my friends were jumping through paint, dropping and rolling on the ground and also forgetting to close our mouths as we laughed and shouted through the crowd – that, I won’t forget to do next time!”

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