Kollektiv Gallery: New Artists Plan To Take Over Brighton’s Derelict Shops for Christmas Pop Up Gallery

KOLLECTIV-1Words > Lyssa Rutherford

A group of very determined graduates and new artists in Brighton launched a crowdfunding campaign yesterday to secure funds for their upcoming project; Kollektiv Gallery.

The art group plan to open a pop up gallery and shop in central Brighton for the key weeks leading up to Christmas and they will showcase and sell the works of Brighton’s newly emerging creative talent, as well as hold free workshops for the public.

Made up of 15 artists, Kollektiv’s reasons for starting are very simple, as director Sophie Giblin explains, “As an art student I didn’t learn how to sell my work and after graduating from my degree I saw many peers lacking the confidence to sell. So I spent the summer learning entrepreneurship in order to open and curate a gallery that would allow my fellow graduates to not just show, but also sell their work.”

The Kickstarter campaign allows people to pledge from as little as £3, in exchange ‘thank you’ presents such as stickers, works of art and invitations to events. Kollektiv have already raised over half of their target amount in just 24 hours since launching the project, but the problem with these campaigns is if you don’t raise the whole lot, you get nothing, so these artists are willing everyone to help in any way that they can.

The Kickstarter campaign runs until November 17th and if you’d like to support the cause and see Kollektiv’s efforts come into fruition this Christmas, head to: www.kickstarter.com/projects/kollektivgallery/kollektivs-first-ever-gallery



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