Jan Svankmajer ‘The Inner Life of Objects’ exhibition

Jan ŠvankmajerJan Svankmajer ‘The Inner Life of Objects’

When: Now – 2nd Dec 2013, Mon-Friday 11am-7pm, Saturday 10am-4pm
Where: University Gallery, 58-67 Grand Parade, Brighton

How much: £Free

Words + Photos > Elliott Caranci-Finch

I made my way into the strange world of the famous filmmaker and artist, Jan Švankmajer, for the day and found the experience both disconcerting and inspirational. Švankmajer alters the viewer’s perception of the familiar and with simple and powerful effect has your mind adjusting to his world in a very satisfying way.

With the exhibition heralding the 50th anniversary of his first film it was interesting to see the different mediums that Švankmajer uses. As well as the many incredible sculptures and character works used in his films, there were many film posters around the gallery too. One thing that stood out was the disturbing but amusing ‘Claw Penis’ that seemed to act as a third hand for every creature. The main piece, ‘Crucifixion’ takes centre stage, with a bed of nails covering the religious icon. It dominated the gallery as a powerful and brave move from the artist.

With the ‘Inner life of objects’ on display until 2nd December make sure you can get down to see this brilliant collection of work.

For more information visit this link here

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