Mumford and Friends

Gentlemen Of The Road

Words and Photo > Rosie Davis

Last weekend saw the streets of Lewes filled with festival revelers heading to the football ground to be a part of the highly anticipated world-touring festival, Gentlemen of the Road. This two-day event brought acts such as Deap Valley, Johnny Flynn, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, The Vaccines and Vampire Weekend. And of course, the great minds behind GOTR, Mumford and Sons.

The atmosphere was electric as the crowd danced as if their lives depended on it and the bands delivered high-energy performances. Vampire Weekend had arms stretched up in the air moving to new and old songs, A-Punk caused a mass cheer and men and women swinging lovers, friends and strangers around and around, while their encore Blake had the crowd singing along to the infectious chorus.

The Saturday had a line-up including the mellow tones of Johnny Flynn and the tambourine shaking of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, whose song Home had the audience urging to whistle the melody into the microphone. But it was undoubtedly Mumford and Sons that received the biggest praise. Awake My Soul was a definite pleaser as was I Will Wait, but it was the finale that was the highlight when the band were joined on stage by the other musicians that had performed that day. It was a musical collaboration of epic proportions as they successfully pulled off Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain. The intro began and the crowd cheered in unison as they realised what they were about to witness and when the song reached its famous guitar solo it was time to rock!

Next stop for Gentlemen is Simcoe, Canada, but we hope to see them here again soon.

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